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First Time Placing A Volume Order?

Our quick and streamlined ordering process gives you the ability to easily place volume orders – all at the same time, and all on one order!

Simply begin by entering a name for your new order. You will then enter the recipients for the order and their shipping information. You can then choose to place an express order by selecting the identical items and same shipping date for all the recipients on your list. Or you can customize each recipient’s order by selecting different items and different delivery dates. The level of customization is up to you!

Every volume order you place with Stock Yards will be saved in your order history. You can then refer back to your orders at any time, and quickly repeat orders or modify them for future orders!

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How Do I Repeat A Previous Order?

Stock Yards has now made it easier than ever to place orders for yourself, for gifts and for multi-recipients, by giving you the ability to easily repeat previous orders.

Our new dashboard allows you to view all your previous orders, and easily repeat the exact same order – to the same recipient list. Or, you can choose to modify previous orders and place them as new orders.

Simply select a previous order from your dashboard and follow our easy step-by-step process. You can choose to quickly repeat the exact order, or make changes along the way. The choice is up to you – and the level of customization is up to you!

You can modify the items to send to your recipients, choose different shipping dates for each recipient, add new recipients or remove recipients from your list.

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