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Citrus Fruit and Bakery Gift
Product Code: 51321W
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The ideal winter morning calls for sharing juicy citrus fruit, and toasty-warm bread. This gift includes sweet, refreshing navel oranges, two types of Wolferman's® extra-thick English muffins, and cranberry orange scones. We recommend toasting the muffins and spreading them with delectable orange marmalade. The scones are wonderful warmed up, too. Available just for a short time, order now for December delivery.

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  • Approx. 9 navel oranges (4 lb)
  • Cranberry citrus signature English muffins, 1 pkg. (4 muffins, 15 oz)
  • San Francisco Sourdough Signature English Muffins, 1 pkg. (4 Muffins, 14.5 oz)
  • 2 cranberry scones (3 oz each)
  • Orange Marmalade (13 oz)
  • Net Weight: 7 lb