Brunch Meat Assortment
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Brunch Meat Assortment

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Chalkboard Brunch Basket

We've partnered with Burgers' Smokehouse to offer a collection of naturally smoked meats, a flavorful addition to your gourmet brunch buffet. The Brunch Meat Assortment includes over three pounds of city ham, over four pounds of smoked boneless turkey breast, twelve ounces of sliced Canadian bacon, and one pound of country bacon. Total weight of this assortment is nine pounds eight ounces. Now you can order meat online and have a premium meat delivery arrive just in time for your event.

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  • Boneless city ham (3 lb 4 oz)
  • Canadian bacon (12 oz)
  • Traditional-cut country bacon (1 lb)
  • Smoked boneless turkey breast (4 lb 8 oz)
  • Net Weight: 9 lb 8 oz