English Ivy Hanging Plant

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English Ivy Hanging Plant

Product Details

: 1001-P-157985

Decorating is easy with our English ivy. Its round-tipped gold, green and grey vines add to its unique beauty, while growing long enough to frame a small space. Designed in a sleek, white hanging planter, it’s a gift that creates as lush, lively look inside the home and out.

  • English ivy with round-tipped leaves of 3 to 5 lobes with bright gold edges and green-gray centers
  • Designed in a white, matte-finished ceramic hanging planter
  • English ivy will grow several inches upward then drape downward around the container
  • Measures 4"D with adjustable 26" drop
  • Care Tips:
    • Lighting: Can be grown outside in bright, indirect light, depending on climate
    • Watering: Water once a week; well-drained soil preferred but keep it moist

Temperature: 50-70°F and prefers low humidity environments

Decorating is easy with our English ivy. Its...