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Gourmet Spreads

Enjoy gourmet butters, flavorful preserves, gourmet honeys, premium curds, and more.

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Gourmet Breakfast Spreads Starting with signature, extra-thick English muffins, Wolferman's began delivering extraordinary baked goods in 1888. Since then, we've expanded our offerings to include a exceptional array of bakery delights, ranging from traditional English muffins to sweet scones and dense tea breads, and most of these treasures are ready to be enjoyed the moment you open the package. In addition to our exciting selection of bakery creations, we’ve also carefully selected an exquisite collection of gourmet jams, jellies and toppings to further enhance the Wolferman's experience.

Fruit preserves capture the taste and texture of the fruit used in their creation, blending them into sweet, consistent gourmet fruit spreads that are perfect on pastries. Gourmet preserves have the highest fruit content among all of our toppings, setting them apart from the typical jam, and they're so luscious that they're often enjoyed as dessert. Our fruit butters are lighter than our preserves, having a texture similar to that of dairy butter. They are created by cooking fresh, ripe fruit until it is soft and easily spreadable, after which point it is lightly sweetened or spiced. These titillating toppings are a wonderful complement to English muffins, and they also make excellent glazes.

You can find all of these and more, including smooth honey crèmes, sweet and spicy pepper jellies, and thick fruit syrups in our breakfast and brunch gift baskets, in sets, or as individual jars.