Kringle Wreaths
Kiffles - Two Dozen
Kiffles - One Dozen

Kringles and Kiffles

Experience baked breakfast delights from traditional European recipes in the form of Kringle Wreaths and Kiffles. These crisp, flaky pastries are the perfect things to add to your morning meal, featuring fruit and cream fillings to make your mouth water and your taste buds tingle.

These traditional treats are delicious whether warmed up or served cold, their buttery crust and delicious nutty or berry filling complementing breakfast or brunch dishes, and go especially well with coffee, cocoa, or tea.

Kringle Wreaths are large pastries baked with care and coated with drizzled icing. Each is filled with Bavarian cream, tart berries, or nut flavors, served in their traditional ring-shape, which can be cut into individual pieces to feed the whole family. Dip in coffee or enjoy alongside traditional breakfast foods like eggs and bacon for an unforgettable treat.

Kiffles are crispy, buttery, bite-sized treats that incorporate the finest ingredients. Each is a rolled pastry consisting of baked dough around a creamy center of fruit or nut filling in flavors such as raspberry, walnut, or apricot. These treasures from the bakery are the perfect alternative to scones, biscotti, or other teatime treats. Put out a tray at your next breakfast or brunch and watch your guests delight.