Traditional English Muffins

Experience traditional English muffins with exceptional Wolferman’s quality and flavor.

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Wolferman's Traditional English Muffins

Rely on Wolferman's when you are stocking your pantry with breakfast breads and English muffins. Wolferman's English muffins are famous for their super- thick size, delicious taste, and the amazing service with which they are delivered. In fact, our English muffins have such a unique and outstanding flavor that they stand out among every other English muffin brand. The reputation of Wolferman's and our amazing English muffins is easily understandable—we’ve been crafting gourmet bakery goods by using only the finest ingredients since 1888, and we're constantly adding fabulous new choices to our line up of traditional English muffins, English muffin bread, and breakfast breads, in addition to adding new and unique gift collections and baskets.

It's an excellent idea to have an ample supply of English muffins, English muffin bread, and other breakfast breads on hand for impromptu entertaining. Just pop some English muffins or English muffin bread into the toaster oven and within minutes, you'll have the perfect base for hors d’oeuvres, desserts, or savory snacks. It's great to know you can welcome guests to a table set with a wonderful spread from Wolferman’s, including everything from super-thick English muffins and delicious fruit preserves to the butters and honey crèmes you can serve along with them. Plan ahead and order bread online today to stock your pantry and freezer with Wolferman's English muffins, both for guests and for yourself.