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Power Stone Bracelet
Product Code: MK006095
Power Stone Bracelet

Power Stone Bracelet

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Handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Genuine semiprecious stone surrounded by solid brass beads and securely strung on adjustable cord bracelets. Each bracelet comes on a card describing its unique set of powers. The wearer will be powered up with the qualities each particular stone carries. Semiprecious stones are organic and no two are alike. Expect that your power stone will have unique inclusions and spiritual essence.


Happiness, Playfulness, Positivity- Jasper represents our longest relationships, making it the ideal friendship bracelet. It asks, what did you love when you were young? Jasper will lower the barriers you have built to protect yourself and awaken your playful side. Use it to help you to think more positively and find your true purpose.

Black Onyx:

Strength, Growth, Resilience- Black onyx is here to help you face your fears. This protective stone will embolden you to overcome whatever holds you back so that you can grow. Look into the dark depths of the stone to see the reflection of your truest self. Shed all self-doubt and find liberation.


Confidence, Wisdom, Trust- Lapis is a stone of empowerment that is all about trusting in your own wisdom. This luscious blue stone with flecks of naturally occurring pyrite says "you got this." throughout history, this stone has been transformed into paint for works of high art and for adorning royalty.


Healing, Nourishing, Purifying-Jade is traditionally known to help purify and cleanse negative energy away. It's a wearable good luck charm that will ward off bad energy. Jade is known to bring about success in business and generate wealth, while stimulating your own wisdom to make the right choices.


Confidence, Creativity, Leadership- Carnelian is said to help the wearer when there is pressure to perform. This warm orange stone combats the jitters before a job interview, or stage fright in the wings. This unique form of stress relief is most helpful to creative types and artists who bare their souls in their craft.

Tree Agate:

Inner Peace, Oneness, Meditation- Tree Agate brings you down to earth and reminds you where you come from. The rich rivers of green are like roots, giving you stability and a feeling of centeredness. Use tree agate in meditation to get back in touch with your natural surroundings, and you will be rewarded in peace.

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Genuine semiprecious stone surrounded by solid brass beads and securely strung on adjustable cord bracelets.

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