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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wolferman’s changing?

Wolferman’s will continue to be the same company, only now with a stronger value proposition as a part of a larger family of brands. You may notice small changes on our website. Quality, guarantee, and service remain unchanged, and orders continue to be fulfilled as they always have been.

Was Wolferman’s acquired by 1800Flowers.com?

Yes. 1800Flowers.com has acquired Wolferman’s and has made it a part of their multi-brand family. Wolferman’s will continue to provide the same quality products and service under the 1800Flowers.com multi-brand website.

Who is 1800Flowers.com?

1800Flowers.com is a leading provider of gourmet food and floral gifts. Through their family of brands (including Wolferman’s), they offer iconic-branded gifts for every occasion.

OUR PROMISE - Simply put, we promise the right gift for all the important people in our customers’ lives with an outstanding and easy gift-buying experience—guaranteed.

How long has 1800Flowers.com been in business?

1800Flowers.com founder Jim McCann’s first flower shop opened in 1976. From there, 1800Flowers.com, Inc. has grown to become a multi-brand, omni-channel gift leader today, offering an unmatched family of iconic-branded gifts for every occasion.

Account Information

What will happen to my Wolferman’s account?

No changes have been made to your Wolferman’s account.

Will my User ID for sign-in be the same?

Yes. Your User ID and password will remain the same. Please note that your sign-in credentials are for Wolfermans.com only.

Is my password the same?

Yes, your sign-in and password credentials are the same. To view your account, simply click on “Sign In” at the top right of the page and sign in using your ID and password information.

Will I still get Wolferman’s catalogs?

Yes, you will continue to receive Wolferman’s catalogs according to your preference settings.

Will my online account with Wolfermans.com remain the same?

Yes, your online account with Wolferman’s will remain the same. Your preferences, order information, and Gift History will remain the same.

Will I continue to receive my Gift History?

Yes, your account preferences have not changed, and the Gift History notification will continue to be delivered as expected.

Will my customer preferences stay the same?

Yes. Sign in to your account at Wolfermans.com to review them. For assistance signing in on to Wolfermans.com please contact our customer support team at: 1 800 798 6241.


Will Wolferman’s continue to carry all their products?

Yes. Wolferman’s will continue to offer its incredible assortment of gourmet bakery delights, including our famous English muffins, decadent pastries, and premium bakery gift baskets and towers, among other products in our collection. To view our assortment of gourmet gifts visit All-Occasion Gifts.

Will there be any changes in shipping rates?

There are no changes in shipping rates for Wolferman’s or Wolferman’s items. For more information on free 2-day shipping options, visit: Celebrations Passport.

Will the Wolferman’s item numbers stay the same?

Yes. The item numbers which are found in our Wolferman’s catalog will remain the same. You can use the site search to find the products by entering the item number and clicking the “search” button.

Can I still send e-Nouncements?

Yes, you can send an e-Nouncement to let your recipient know their gift is on its way using the link in the footer.


How do I place a new order?

The order process will remain the same. You may place an order for your favorite Wolferman’s products on Wolfermans.com or by calling 1 800 999 1910.

For business orders, please contact our business representative at 1 800 798 6234.

Can I still order over the phone?

Yes, please call 1 800 999 1910, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help.

For business orders, please call 1 800 798 6234.

How do I change an order?

You may call Wolferman’s customer service anytime at 1 800 999 1910.

How do I track my order?

If you have an email address on your account, you will receive a shipment notification with tracking information. Or, go to the Wolfermans.com website and click on the “Track Your Order” link at the top right of the screen. You may always call customer service at 1 800 999 1910.

How do I redeem my one-time-use coupon code?

To redeem your coupon from a catalog, mailer, or insert, simply add items to your cart, proceed to the payment screen in checkout, enter the first three characters in the “Promotion Code” field (i.e. CNK), and enter the remaining characters (i.e. 720-5094-498) in the “Membership” field.

For assistance with this step, please call customer service at 1 800 798 6241.

I already placed an order. What happens to it?

Your order will be processed as it normally would. Wolferman’s will continue to pack, ship, and process all of our orders as we normally have. If you need help with your order please call 1 800 999 1910.

Who do I call with a problem about my order?

Please contact a customer service representative at 1 800 999 1910.

What happens to the monthly Club I bought?

Nothing will change and the monthly Club gift you purchased will continue to be sent.

Can I still view my order history?

Yes, through your online account. Sign in and choose the “Your Account” link from the “Your Account” menu at the top of the page. In your account, select “Track Orders” and “View History” from the left-hand side menu.

For orders previous to October 2015, please call customer service at 1 800 999 1910.

For business orders, please call 1 800 798 6234.


I send Wolferman’s products as corporate gifts. Will I still be able to order them?

Yes, Wolferman’s corporate gift products are available on the new website.

Go to wolfermans.com/w/view/corporategifts or call 1 800 798 6234.

I already preordered Wolferman’s gifts for my clients or customers for 2016. Do I need to order again?

You don’t need to order again. Your order will be processed normally.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our Wolferman’s Corporate and Business Gifts Consultant at 1 800 798 6234.