Brunch Gift Box
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Brunch Gift Box

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Deluxe Brunch Gift Box
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The Brunch Gift Box is filled with an incomparable combination of gourmet bakery goodies. We start with two varieties of our famous English muffins and add strawberry preserves to kick the flavor up a notch. We also include an array of decadent pastries and robust coffee, providing delicious menu options for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert. The dual-duty gift box is dressed in red and green plaid and features metal handles, making it perfect for use long after the baked goods are gone.

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  • Sweet harvest wheat signature English muffins, 1 pkg. (4 muffins, 14.5 oz)
  • 1910 original recipe mini English muffins, 1 pkg. (12 muffins, 12 oz)
  • Eggnog-flavored loaf cake (8 oz)
  • Classic cinnamon roll with icing packet (4 oz, 1.4 oz)
  • Dark chocolate chunk scone (3 oz)
  • Blueberry scone (3 oz)
  • Double chocolate chunk cookie (3 oz)
  • Strawberry Preserves (11.5 oz)
  • Wolferman's® breakfast blend ground coffee (2 oz)
  • Net Weight: 3 lb 14 oz