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  1. Gourmet English Muffins

Gourmet English Muffins

Experience incredible Wolferman’s® gourmet English muffins in three sizes and a variety of great flavors.

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Wolferman's® English muffins come in a wonderful variety of flavors and styles. Among our most popular types are our super-thick signature muffins. They are more substantial English muffins than you will find elsewhere. For a delicious and satisfying breakfast or brunch treat or snack, top them with one of our gourmet fruit preserves, indulgent butters, and other fabulous toppings. And our world-famous, super-thick signature gourmet English muffins come in a variety of delectable flavors. Each is hand-selected to be uniquely satisfying.

Sweet, tangy or savory, and sometimes a combination—with so much variety, there's plenty to explore with Wolferman's® gourmet English muffins. English Muffin delivery to your friends and loved ones will surely be appreciated. The extra thickness means these signature fancy English muffins will stand up to any topping, and the tiny air pockets make for a crisp bite when they come out of the toaster. Every flavor is certified kosher.

Our gourmet English muffins are freezer friendly, so it’s a good idea to stock up before the brunch season is in full swing. When it’s time to order bread online, look to Wolferman's. We've been crafting our baked goods since 1888. Since then, we’ve never wavered from our commitment to using the finest ingredients and our own tried-and-true recipes. Wolferman's® English muffins are the gold standard when it comes to English muffins.

Frequently Asked Gourmet English Muffin Questions

What type of gourmet english muffins does Wolferman’s have?

Wolferman’s offers the finest gourmet English muffins available to show your friends and family just how much you care. With so many flavored english muffins to choose from, such as, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, cranberry citrus, original and multi-grain honey - brunch will be complete by having an English muffin delivery or bakery gift to your next gathering or sending as a gift for your loved ones to enjoy.

What do you put on a flavored english muffin?

Adding something to the top of a gourmet English muffin can be quite simple. English muffins are complete with jam or butter. Another great thing to add on top of flavored english muffins is fresh fruit. Delicious, yet simple for a fancy English muffin. An english muffins delivery is complete by adding something to the top, think of your favorite topping, such as jam, peanut butter, hazelnut spread, or fresh fruit, and you have a delicious gourmet English muffin to enjoy for breakfast.

How do I send Wolferman’s english muffins?

Ordering English muffin delivery from Wolferman’s is easy. Find a gift you love, ranging from english muffin samplers, gift towers, and gourmet english muffins. Whether you’re sending english muffins for yourself or you’re sending for someone else to enjoy, English muffins delivery is a wonderful option and iis sure to spice up your own brunch party or add to someone else's.