Garlic Herb Signature English Muffins - Six Packages
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Garlic Herb Signature English Muffins - Six Packages

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$29.99 $17.99 $12.00 off
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Garlic herb signature English muffins are an outstanding savory snack on their own, but they also work well as a flavorful canvas for your favorite toppings. We use our world famous recipe to create our extra-thick signature English muffins, giving them wonderful air pockets and an ideal crispy texture when toasted. Garlic, olive oil, oregano, and basil work harmoniously together to make this a perfect complement to any meal. Our gourmet English muffins are freezer-friendly, so stock up on your favorite flavors. Kosher.

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  • Garlic-herb signature English muffins, 6 pkgs. (4 muffins, 14.5 oz each pkg.)
  • Net Weight: 5 lb 7 oz