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Wake up to delicious flavors with the favorite morning delicacy of buttery waffles. Wolferman's has been providing premium bakery delights since 1888, using only the best ingredients and time-tested recipes. Today, we are excited to offer a wide variety of the tastiest breakfast and brunch goodies, perfect for your own Sunday brunch and gifting occasions. Browse our impressive selection of Belgian gourmet waffles, crafted with sweet pearl sugar and featuring flavors of dark chocolate chip, cinnamon, vanilla, maple, and more. While these delightful morning treats are delicious on their own, you can also add gourmet syrup to your order for extra flavor.

Discover a collection of premium pancake and waffle mixes, a convenient staple to have in your pantry for special occasions. Our gourmet waffle mixes are easy to prep, and within minutes you'll be pouring a golden-buttery batter for buttermilk, chocolate chip, or blueberry waffles.