1. Chocolate-Dipped Mini Donuts
Chocolate Dipped Mini Donuts
Chocolate-Dipped Mini Donuts
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  • Chocolate-covered mini cake donuts (12 pieces, 11 oz):
  • 2 pink-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated with white nonpareils (1) or pastel candies (1)
  • 3 white chocolate-covered decorated with rainbow nonpareils (2) or mini dark chocolate chips (1)
  • 3 milk chocolate-covered decorated with rainbow sprinkles (1), pastel candies (1), or rainbow nonpareils (1)
  • 4 dark chocolate-covered decorated with mini mint chocolate chips (1), toffee bits (1), rainbow mini chips (1), or dark chocolate mini drops and white nonpareils (1)
  • Net Weight: 11 oz


Start the celebration with a box brimming with festive miniature chocolate and yellow cake donuts. A dozen perfect little treats arrive hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate and colorfully decorated by hand. Bright, cheerful, and irresistibly sweet, these gems from the bakery make a warm and welcome gift, and they are the perfect way to start any special occasion.