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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Questions

Can I send a gift to Canada?

For shipments to Canada, please add $10.00 per item to the Standard Shipping & Processing shown. All our products can be delivered to Canada except those containing meat.

Can I send a gift to Alaska, Hawaii?

For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii addresses, please add $10.00 per item to the Standard Shipping & Processing shown. Allow three additional days for Standard Shipping and one additional day for Express Shipping.

Can I make a substitution in my gift?

Wolferman’s cannot do substitutions. However, you can select a “Create Your Own” gift, which has a wide variety of products to choose from, including: Signature English Muffins, Traditional-Size English Muffins, Mini English Muffins, English Muffin Bread, Crumpets, Tea Breads, Scones, Preserves, Fruit Spreads and Honeys.

How are shipping and processing charges calculated?

Shipping & processing charges are based on regular price of merchandise. Standard shipping & processing charges are intended to compensate our company for cost incurred to process, prepare, and transport your order and to cover related customer service. All additional services, i.e. Express shipping, Alaska or Hawaii, Canada, and P.O. Box shipping, are calculated on a PER ITEM BASIS. Please Note: Shipping and Processing charges are based on the regular price of merchandise.

Standard Shipping & Processing charges are intended to cover the costs incurred to process, prepare, and transport your order and related customer service. Standard rates are based on the merchandise total charged.

Why do I have to pay extra for express shipping or priority mail over and above the normal shipping and handling charges?

Wolferman's charges the customer what it costs us to express ship your order.

Can I have an exact delivery date?

Delivery dates vary by the distance a package must travel. To deliver your gift on a specific date, an expedited shipping method is required.

Can I have a special delivery date?

Yes, we can arrange delivery prior to a special date. Our special ship dates are not available between December 1 and January 3 since our guaranteed Christmas deliveries will take precedence. If you need delivery guaranteed for a specific date, we offer express shipping at an additional cost.

Will my order come all in one box?

Your order might be packed in separate boxes to preserve product integrity. Our boxes are designed to accommodate a certain number of items without shifting or crushing the items you've chosen. Occasionally, items ordered together may not be shipped together, as we want your products to arrive in perfect condition.

I ordered Express. Why didn’t my gift arrive when I expected it to?

Orders placed after 10:00 AM PST will be processed the next business day. and our carriers do not count weekend days in the calculation of their shipping.

  • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Monday, shipping Overnight Express, will arrive Wednesday.
  • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Monday, shipping by 2-Day Air, will arrive Thursday.
  • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Thursday, shipping Overnight Express, will arrive on the following Monday.
  • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Thursday, shipping by 2-Day Air, will arrive on the following Tuesday.

The gift that arrived was not the gift I ordered! Why wasn’t I notified about the substitution?

Unfortunately, sometimes we experience unexpected delays. We believe it best to send a substitute item of equal or greater value to ensure you or your recipient receives a gift by the intended date. We do our best to contact our customers when a substitution becomes necessary. But due to the sheer volume of orders we experience, especially during the peak of the holiday season, it is not always possible to do so.

Can I ship to a PO box?

Yes, you may specify a PO box for the destination of your package. However, we recommend shipping to a street address to ensure that your gift arrives in perfect condition. Shipping to a PO box will incur a charge of $6.00.

Catalog/Marketing Questions

What is Wolferman's?

Wolferman’s is both a specialty breads baker and purveyor of fine foods, founded in 1888 by Louis Wolferman in Kansas City. Wolferman’s is famous for our 2″ thick Signature English muffins available in many unique and distinguishing flavors.

When will my catalog arrive, if I request it today?

All catalogs are sent via First Class Mail. Your catalog should arrive within 7 days, if not sooner.

Will my recipients receive a catalog with the gift that I send?

No. They will only receive product handling information. No pricing or sales slip is included with your gift sent to another address.

My catalog or promotional mailing includes a discount – how do I get the discount on my order?

When you reach the Payment screen during Checkout, enter your promotion code in the Coupons & Offers section and click APPLY. Your Order Details and Total will then be updated to reflect your discount.

May I substitute items in another basket or tin?

No, but you may use our ”Create Your Own“ gift baskets which have a wide variety of products to choose from including: Signature English Muffins, Traditional English Muffins, Miniature English Muffins, English Muffin Bread, Crumpets, Tea Breads, Scones, Preserves, Fruit Spreads and Honeys.

Can you create a unique item for me?

Your personal Corporate Sales Executive can assist you in designing custom business gift solutions for any occasion. Find out more! Email your Corporate Sales Executive at corporategifts@wolfermans.com, or call 800-798-6234.

Why can’t I buy just one package of your products?

We offer our muffins and breads in multiple packages for efficiency, and it saves our customers money on the cost per package when shipping and handling are added to the total cost of the order.

Will my original order be substituted?

On rare occasions, it may be necessary for us to substitute an item of equal or greater value in order to ensure timely delivery of your order. If this happens and you are not satisfied, call us at 1-800-999-1910 and we will make it right.

What is your environmental policy?

Wolferman’s is committed to business practices that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. Including the use of recyclable packaging materials. In keeping with our commitment to reduce resource consumption, we actively encourage shopping via our website, effectively eliminating millions of paper-based catalogs.

Product/Gift Questions

If it takes 4-6 business days for delivery and you recommend refrigerating or freezing upon arrival, will my items be arriving in good condition?

4-6 days is well within the unrefrigerated shelf life of these products. Refrigerating or freezing upon arrival extends the normal shelf life.

How long will the muffins stay fresh, and how should they be stored?

All our bread products are frozen immediately after baking. Once thawed, they can be re-frozen upon receipt without affecting the taste.

How do I purchase a Muffin Master English muffin splitter?

Our Muffin Master English muffin splitter can be ordered with any item offering an 'Optional Additions' selection box. Simply scroll down to the Muffin Master option, click on the item and it will be added to your order.

What products do you have that would be suitable for a diabetic?

Diabetics need to look at the total carbohydrate grams per serving in foods to determine the number of “exchanges” their diet will allow. For example, one of our Signature English Muffins averages about 3 bread or carbohydrate exchanges on a diabetic meal plan (one bread/carbohydrate exchange is approximately 15 grams). Most of our Signature, Traditional and Miniature English Muffins, English Muffin Bread and Crumpets are low fat and cholesterol. The approximate dietary bread/carbohydrate exchanges for these products are as follows: Signature: 3; Traditional: 2; Miniature: 1; English Muffin Bread: 2; and Crumpets: 1 1/2.

Is there much sodium in your products?

Overall, our products are not significantly high in sodium. Salt is the primary source of sodium in our products and is used as a flavor enhancer.

How will my gift be packaged?

Basket Gifts: Decorative fill is put into the basket, followed by the products. The basket is then shrink-wrapped to keep the items secure. The basket is then put into a brown shipping box, and packing paper or air pillows are used to fill up voids.

Food Gifts & Samplers (without basket/tin): Decorative fill is put into the box if needed, and products are arranged in the box and more decorative fill is put in to fill the box. These gifts are packed and shipped in brown Wolferman's shipper boxes.

Drum/Keepsake Box Gifts: Decorative fill is put in the bottom of the drum/keepsake box, and product is packed into the drum/box with more decorative fill sprinkled on top. Gift is put into a brown Wolferman’s shipping box.

Towers: Tower boxes are individually packed and then stacked into a pyramid. Boxes are then tied with ribbon and a bow. Tower boxes are packed and shipped in a brown Wolferman’s tower shipping box. To prevent shifting during transit, air pillows are placed around the top of the tower.

NOTE: All gifts will contain product handling instructions. Packing slips (NOT pricing) are only put into Create Your Own gift boxes. Complimentary gift message appears in the gold highlighted area, on the shipping label (on the outside of the shipping box). If a greeting card is selected ($3.95), the 5" x 7" greeting card will be enclosed inside the shipping box.

How many muffins come in each sleeve?

Signature Muffins – 4 Muffins Per Sleeve
Traditional Muffins – 6 Muffins Per Sleeve
Miniature Muffins – 12 Muffins Per Sleeve

What is the difference between Traditional Size, Signature and Mini English Muffins?

Our Traditional Size English muffins are similar to those at the super-market, while Signature English muffins are nearly twice the size of our Traditional Size, and our Mini English muffins are about half the size of our Traditional Size English muffins. Traditional English muffins come 6 to a package, Signature English muffins come 4 to a package, and Mini English muffins come 12 per package.

Muffin Size Guide

Gift List Questions

How does my Gift List work?

Your Gift List gives you a quick, easy view of gifts you’ve sent over the last 3 years. It’s designed to help guide your next gift choice. Whether you order online or by phone, your Gift List is automatically created when you purchase a gift for someone.

The gift you purchased for a specific holiday will show up on your Gift List a year later, prior to the same holiday. For example, if you send a St. Patrick’s Day gift this year, it will be on your Gift List next year, during the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. By the time our catalog reaches your home, your Gift List for that holiday season will be viewable online. Log in to your account to see your current Gift List.

Viewing your Order History is another way to see past purchases. Log in to your account to view this list. Purchases appear in your order history 24 hours after the transaction.

Since you can place an order online as a guest or through your account, it’s possible for a customer to have two separate Gift Lists. We recommend that you sign in to your customer account before placing an order to keep your entire list in one place. If you see an incomplete Gift List or Order History, you likely have multiple accounts under which you’ve ordered.

Our Call Center can help with this or answer any other questions about your Gift List. Contact us by email or call 1-877-322-1200.

Can I remove names from my Gift List?

Yes. Click the remove/trash can button to the right of the recipient’s name.

How do I update the address of someone on my Gift List?

You can change a recipient’s address by clicking the “Edit Address” link under the recipient’s information.

Kosher Questions

What is Kosher Dairy?

When an ingredient on a product line (i.e., all Signature English Muffins) contains a milk product, then the entire line is kosher dairy. Examples of kosher dairy products: Signature English Muffins.

What is Kosher Pareve?

Kosher Pareve is neither meat nor dairy. According to kosher law, loaf type yeast breads must always be kosher Pareve.

What are some examples of kosher products?

Our full selection of kosher items can be found here. Kosher items can also be found by clicking the kosher check box under “Special Diet” on the category page, or by checking the product copy for an item.