1. Bright Blooms Tote Gift
Bright Blooms Tote Gift
Bright Blooms Tote Gift
available to ship february 28 2023

Fruit Spread (7)

Fruit Butters (4)

Kitchen Accessories (2)

Blueberry Preserves (11.5 oz.)$6.99
Strawberry Preserves (11.5 oz.)$6.99
Peach Preserves (11.5 oz.)$6.99
Seedless Raspberry Preserves (11.5 oz.)$6.99
Triple Berry Preserves (11.5 oz.)$6.99
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  • Cherry blossom super-thick English muffins, 1 pkg. (4 muffins, 15 oz)
  • San Francisco-style sourdough mini English muffins, 1 pkg. (12 muffins, 12 oz)
  • Raspberry kringle (3.5 oz)
  • Dark chocolate chunk scone (3 oz)
  • Strawberry preserves (5 oz)
  • Tiffin blend ground coffee (2 oz)
  • Canvas tote, 13.75 in W x 12.75 in H x 4.75 in D (34.9 cm x 32.3 cm x 12 cm)
  • Net Weight: 2 lb 8 oz


Both useful and delicious, this lovely gift combines our finest bakery breads and gourmet pastries with a beautiful canvas tote. There will be days of enjoyment ahead with cherry blossom super-thick English muffins and strawberry preserves, a dark chocolate chunk scone, mini San Francisco-style sourdough English muffins, a raspberry kringle, and Tiffin Blend coffee.