Pumpkin Crème and Cranberry Kringle Wreaths
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This time-honored Danish delight is a favorite treat for celebrations and gatherings—provided here in two mouthwatering fall flavors. Pumpkin Crème Kringle includes pumpkin that's been gently spiced with nutmeg and cloves, and swirls of Bavarian cream baked inside of a flaky butter pastry. It's topped with a crumbly streusel and then drizzled with caramel icing. The Cranberry Kringle features the same tender, buttery pastry brimming with tart, crimson cranberries and a sweet vanilla icing brushed over the top.

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  • 2 Danish kringles (14 oz each):
  • Pumpkin crème
  • Cranberry
  • Net Weight: 1 lb 12 oz