Keepsake Breadbox Tin
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Favorite Flavors Sampler
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Babka Duo
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Rich Rugelach
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Tearoom Scones Sampler
SALE $19.99

Since 1888, Wolferman's has been crafting tasty baked goods to deliver for occasions of all kinds. Our bakers pay careful attention to each muffin and pastry, ensuring that ingredients are added in just the right amounts and that final products come out of the oven with the perfect look, aroma, texture, and taste. For those meals and treats we are unable to create ourselves, we are careful to select product vendors who match our extremely stringent standards for quality.

Because we pay such attention to detail in our food, it is only natural that we use that same focus to meet our customers' needs. That's why we offer exquisite fare tailored to many special dietary requirements. For example, we provide sugar-free cookies and other sugar-free gifts for those who are vigilantly monitoring their carbohydrate or sugar intake, and we have carefully planned the contents of our diabetic gift baskets to create scrumptious assortments of treatsthat retain the extraordinary taste for which Wolferman’s is known. Among our other special diet offerings are flavorful gluten-free muffins and cookies, created using gourmet recipes that forgo wheat flour and other sources of gluten, and a wide selection of kosher delights certified by the Orthodox Union to conform to Jewish dietary law.

We know the value of a good diet and deeply respect the decisions people make about their food, and that’s why we can present such a diverse array of always-tasty bakery treasures. At Wolferman's, there's something for everyone and for every occasion.